Dabur Amla Hair Oil Kids Natural Goodness of Amla, Olive, and Almond, Promotes Long, Strong, and Healthy Hair 200ml (Pack of 6)

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Make hair oiling more fun and exciting for young girls with the new Amla Kids Hair oil. Made with 100% natural oils, it is loaded with the goodness of Amla, Almond and Olive. Designed for easy usage and storage.


  • UNLOCKING THE BENEFITS OF AMLA: Dabur Amla Hair Nourishing Oil for Kids harnesses the natural goodness of Amla, expertly combined with the enriching properties of olive and almond. This 100% natural formulation has been thoughtfully created with the well-being of your child's hair in mind.
  • POTENCY FOR KIDS: Our specially crafted Dabur Amla Hair Nourishing Oil for Kids harnesses the natural power of Amla oil as its main ingredient, delivering a potent formula tailored to your child's unique hair needs. Let your child's hair shine with the radiance of health and beauty.
  • EXPERIENCE THE ALL-NATURAL GOODNESS: In every 200 ML pack of Dabur Amla Hair Nourishing Oil for Kids, you'll find the essence of nature's finest ingredients, including Amla, Olive, and Almond. Let your child's hair luxuriate in the nurturing embrace of these nature's treasures, promoting long, strong, and incredibly healthy hair.
  • PURE CARE FOR KIDS' HAIR: Our promise of trust extends to every product we create, including Dabur Amla Hair Nourishing Oil for Kids. This organic hair care formulation, designed exclusively for children, embodies our commitment to quality. It's crafted with 100% natural ingredients, featuring the wholesome goodness of Amla, Olive, and Almond.
  • ABOUT THE BRAND: Dabur, a global leader in Ayurveda and Natural healthcare, offers an extensive range of over 250 trusted and authentic natural and herbal products. Experience the quality and convenience as you discover the holistic benefits of our renowned brand. Trust Dabur for your wellbeing and embrace the power of nature.
  • Enriched with natural extracts of Amla, Olive and Almond
  • Made with 100% natural oils and Vitamin E for your kids hair
  • Helps to maintain longer, stronger and shinier hair
  • Paraben free
  • Gentle on hair

Nourish and moisturize your hair with this refreshing oil to transform dry and damaged strands into beautiful, healthy locks. Its powerful ingredients help revitalize your scalp, strengthen each hair follicle, and create silky softness. Our enriched hair oil is formulated with natural extracts from plants like olive, cactus, almond, coconut, black seed, garlic, and argan oils. Not only does it impart a natural shine and bounce to your hair, but it also increases the overall health of your hair. It strengthens the strands and keeps frizziness and flakiness away. Look no further; Vatika Hair Oils with hair lubricant enriched with trusted essential components are the key to beautiful, healthy hair!

 Vatika Naturals Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil

Give your child the confidence of beautiful, healthy hair with Vatika Naturals Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil. Our carefully crafted formula combines the goodness of amla, olive, and almonds to provide the ultimate hair care solution for kids.

  • Hair Support Oil for Kids: Give your child the gift of long, strong, and healthy hair with our specially formulated hair oil for kids.
  • Amla for Strength & Nourishment: Amla, a superfruit in Ayurveda, is rich in vitamin C, iron, carotene, and essential fatty acids. It deeply nourishes the hair and scalp, promoting hair health.
  • Olive for Intensive Nourishment: Olive oil, known for its moisturizing properties, is packed with nutrients like oleic acid and squalene. It ensures your little one's hair remains soft and healthy.
  • Almonds for Hair Hydration: Loaded with vitamins A, D, B1, B2, B6, and essential fatty acids, that provide moisture to hair, fortifying roots for enhanced hair and scalp well-being.
  • Gentle and Safe: Our hair oil is specially formulated for kids & is gentle on their sensitive scalps. It contains no harsh chemicals, ensuring a safe and nurturing hair care experience for your child

 Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil

 Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil

 Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil


Our commitment to the power of nature means our formula contains no harmful chemicals, ensuring it's safe for your child's hair and scalp. Olive oil deeply moisturizes, preventing dryness and promoting soft, manageable hair, while almonds provide essential nutrients to strengthen roots and enhance overall hair health.


Vatika Naturals Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil is dedicated to rejuvenating and fortifying each strand, leaving your hair with a healthier and more vibrant look and feel. Say goodbye to dryness and hello to long-lasting radiance, as our specialized blend nurtures and moisturizes, ensuring each day is a great hair day.


Vatika Naturals Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil showcases an exceptional blend of 100% natural oils, including the superfruit amla, enriching olive, and moisturizing almonds. This extraordinary formula is carefully crafted to offer unparalleled nourishment, supporting hair health and maintaining your child's hair in a long, strong, and beautifully healthy state. Place your trust in nature's potency with our exceptional hair care solution for kids.

Experience the Goodness of Nature for Your Little One's Hair, and watch them shine with confidence and vibrant health. With Vatika Naturals Dabur Amla Kids Nourishing Hair Oil, give your child the gift of naturally nurtured hair.


  • Type Of Packing: Bottle
  • Ideal For: Unisex
  • Usage: Personal
  • Brand: Dabur
  • Product Benefits: Conditioning 
  • Hair Type: All 
  • Material Type: Free Paraben 
  • Free Scent: Aloe
  • Pack Size: 200ml
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 6 Bottle

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