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Vatika Conditioner 400ml Argan (Pack of 3)

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  • Type Of Packing: Bottle
  • Ideal For: Unisex
  • Brand: Dabur
  • Pack Size: 400 Ml
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 3 Bottles

Product Description

Whether its wet or dry, conditioned hair is easier to comb. When you use conditioner, your comb will glide easily though your hair, leading to less friction and less damage as you comb.Conditioners contain ingredients such as oils that give your hair luster, a smoother appearance, as well as a silky look and feel. And conditioners are full of emollients that can add softness to your hair and make it more manageable.During the winter, dry air allows static electricity to flourish, and this can wreak havoc on your hair. But among the many benefits of hair conditioner is the way its hydrating properties reduce static charges.Adding conditioner can guard against damage, whether it’s shielding your hair from the heat of a flat iron or blocking the weathering effects of the sun. It also guards your hair against the damage and stress caused by towel drying.

Vatika Argan Conditioner uses the unique properties of Argan that moisturize and soften hair. Known as “Liquid Gold” in Morocco where it is sourced, Argan is an extremely rare ingredient that is gaining popularity in the world of hair care because of its ability to replenish, moisturize and soften dry, wavy and unmanageable hair.

  • Moisture soft
  • For dry and unmanageable hair
  • Moroccan argan
  • exotic shine and softness



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