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M&Ms Chocolate 200gm 12Packs 19148 Pack of 12

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  • Package Size:  200gm x 12 packets per Outer
  • Product weight: 200 gm
  • Type: Chocolates
  • Packaging: Pouch
  • Flavor: Chocolate
  • Food Texture: Pieces

World’s favourite M and M’s chocolate candies, a treat for all candy and chocolate bar lovers, are now in India. Deliciously smooth and sweet milk chocolate coated in fun coloured shells is what best defines M and M’s flavourful candy pops. With loads of happy colours to choose from, M and M chocolate candies are the best kind of snacks to unlock some fun and brighten up any situation. These round lentils-shaped candies can be used to make your candy buffets and sweet dishes more colorful. Make M and M's milk chocolate candies a part of any baking recipes to make fun chocolate treats. You can also add these chocolate gems to make fun and delicious party favors and gift boxes. Each piece of the smooth and chocolatey M and M’s, in a colourful sugar shell, gives you a reason to celebrate the little moments in life. Share the love of M and M’s Candy with your friends, family or feature them in a colourful bake, to add a pop of fun, colours and taste to brownies, cookies and more. Share a box of M and M's milk chocolate candies with your loved ones and experience the joy for yourself.



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