Mega Multi-Vitamins NNO Vite Aplicapz Whitening Serum With Soft 30 Capsules 18853 NV

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VITAVITE is a triple action intensive whitening serum comprising of vitamin C derivative, vitamin E and Bisabolol that targets dark spots such as sun and age spots, acne marks, darkened pores to even out skin tone for a perfectly fair, attractive and bright looking skin.

Vitamin C derivative in VITAVITE helps to inhibit melanin formation for a clear and even-tone skin, vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant to prevent skin from sun and other pollutants. Bisabolol an anti-irritant ingredient derived from Chamomile helps reduce skin irritation and improves skin fairness and skin condition in general.

In fact, VITAVITE works in multiple ways to reduce skin darkening and improve skin brightening.

VITAVITE aplicap is a triple action intensive whitening serum in soft capsules with light and dewy texture instantly absorbed to leave skin fully hydrated and renewed in radiance.


- Nourishes the skin and improves overall skin health.

-Improves skin fairness and attractiveness.

-Improves skin complexion, skin texture, skin clarity & skin tone.

-Reduces skin darkening, dark spots, acne marks, darkened pores, sun spots & age spots.

Direction of Use:

To open the capsule, twist tab around twice to snap off. To use, smooth contents from fingertips onto cleansed face and neck.



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