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Pedigree Pouch Singles 100g Chicken in Jelly CV05D

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PEDIGREE Pouch Singles 100g

Product Features

  • Delicious and nutritious for your dog
  • 100% complete and enriched with essential nutrients to support your dog’s health 
  • Good quality ingredients 
  • Perfect for your dog! 


Pedigree Adult Chicken in Jelly is a supreme quality slurpy food for your dogs that help maintain a balanced well nourished meal

Key Benefits

  • Chicken chunks and jelly present in the delicacy makes it a protein rich meal to help keep your dog fit
  • Provides your pet the necessary amino acids and essential fatty acids that will help to maintain a healthy and lustrous coat
  • Strong and lean muscle mass is retained by providing high contents of Protein of high quality
  • Made with chicken and vegetables, this meal is formulated to retain its full flavour and quality that your dog will love
  • Formula provides all necessary nutrients for optimal health and vitality

Product Specifications

  • 48x100g



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