Samsung Split Air Conditioner 18000 BTU w/Inverter AR18TVHGA

AR18TVHGA R410A Inverter
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  • Triangular design improves its performance, circulating cool air faster, farther and wider* around your home.
  • Cools Faster, Farther, and Wider has been designed from the ground up to be outstandingly efficient. Its uniquely triangular design has a wider inlet, so more air can be drawn in.
  • Cools You Fast Then Cools You Comfortably begins cooling the air fast using its powerful Fast Cool mode, so it gets there quickly. Automatically changes the mode to Comfort Cool for the desired temperature.
  • Save Energy Even When Alone Single User mode uses less compressor capacity, reducing power consumption*, while still providing a cool and comfortable environment.
  • Works Smart. Saves Energy features an energy-efficient Digital Inverter with EER 10.1. It can maintain the desired temperature without frequently shutting off and on, so it consumes less energy.
  • Eliminates Viruses Virus Doctor and Easy Filter eliminates dust, dangerous airborne contaminants and allergens, as well as bacteria and viruses, including the Influenza A and Corona viruses* – firstly using a filter and secondly with Virus Doctor.
  • Uniquely Stylish The pure Crystal Gloss finish and uniquely curved design of the Samsung Air Conditioner deliver a premium look and performance.
  • Stable, Long-lasting Performance keeps going in the most challenging environments.
  • Easy to Take Out and Clean the Samsung Air Conditioner’s Easy Filter is located outside, on the top. So it can easily be taken out, cleaned and put back.
  • Easy Troubleshooting includes Smart Check, an automatic error-monitoring system.


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