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Sheba Chicken Breast In Gravy 85g Pack of 24 10172959

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Description :

  • Pack Size : 24 X 85G
  • Pet Type: Cats
  • Size :  55g
Product description:

This Sheba Succulent Chicken Breast In Gravy  85gm pack of food is fortified with all nutrition necessary for your cat. Chicken is really beneficial for all cats as the protein helps to maintain the general well being of your cat while maintaining its coat and health. The Omega acids ensures healthy skin and prevents any skin diseases among cats. It also helps to cater to any cardiac problems that can be incurred by your feline friends. This is supplement and can be easily given along with regular food.


    Contains real pieces of chicken

    Packed in hygienic conditions

    Rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids and protein

    Helps to restrict any cardiac issues in pet



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