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High-quality, heat-resistant kitchen tools and gadgets for everyday cooking made easyDiscover the practical and safe Tefal Comfort Oven Mitt, with high-quality heat-resistant silicone and a striking aesthetic, along with the rest of the convenient kitchen utensil range designed for hassle-free cooking with quality you can count on.

Experience hassle-free cooking with an easy-to-use range of kitchen tools and gadgets designed for pure comfort and everyday convenience in the kitchen. The Tefal Comfort Oven Mitt Glove offers practical and safe cooking, with high-quality heat-resistant silicone capable of withstanding temperatures up to 230 °C and a striking aesthetic that fits any kitchen. • The perfect grip: Enhanced ergonomics produce a comfortable grip, for easy and intuitive everyday use Additional Tefal Comfort tools and gadgets include: • Flex angle spatula • Slotted spoon • Solid spoon • Blade spatula • Ladle • Whisk • Pizza cutter • Peeler • Y-peeler • Grater • Garlic press • Mixing bowl • Colander • Ice cream scoop • Safety can opener • Masher • Kitchen Shears • Angle spatula • Basting brush • Multi-purpose clips • Tongs • Pot holder


Non-slip silicone  

High-quality silicone inner grip capable of withstanding temperatures up to 230 °C

Safe usage  

Ideal to serve hot dishes.



Easy to store  

Thanks to a hanging ring.

Easy to use  

Perfect for a daily use.


  • Active Part Material: Silicone  
  • Active Part Color: Black/Grey  
  • Handle Material: Silicone  
  • Handle Color: Black/Grey  
  • Type: Cooking 
  • Family: Glove



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