Johnsons Savlon Antiseptic Liquid, Prevent Infection, 750ml 2870

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Savlon Antiseptic Liquid 750ml gets to work in just three minutes to kill up to 99.9% of germs. Use it in the bath for hygienically clean skin or around the home to disinfect and sanitise a range of surfaces.

SAVLON Antiseptic Liquid kills germs in seconds and protect for hours, leaving you free to live more. Formulated by Johnson & Johnson, SAVLON Antiseptic Liquid kills over 99.9% germs on your skin. SAVLON’s trusted germ protection is also available in a hygiene soap bar range. Live free & do more with SAVLON!

Savlon® Antiseptic Liquid has been formulated to kill over 99.9% of germs on skin within seconds.


Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.3 g, Cetrimide 3.0g, n - Propyl alcohol as preservative 2.84% m/v


  • Even with minor injury cases like knee scrapes or insect bites, cleaning a wound properly is vital to avoiding the risk of infection or further complication. With a bottle of Savlon Antiseptic Liquid in the house, you never have to worry again in such situations.
  • Using the same reliable formula that has served families for decades, Savlon Antiseptic Liquid sports an effective antiseptic action that helps protect the family by gently cleansing injuries of germs and bacteria without hurting.
  • This power germicide by Johnson & Johnson is one of the best antiseptic liquid on the market. The liquid is safe and it has no side effects. It contains Chlorohexidine Gluconate Solution 0.3% w/v, Benzyl Benzoate, D-Gluconolactone, Sodium Hydroxide, Cetrimide 3.0%w/v, Isopropyl Alcohol, Terpineol.
  • Savlon Antiseptic Liquid is effective when used on cuts and grazes, insect bites and stings, minor burns and scalds – even for personal care in the bath or for midwifery.
  • General antiseptic cleansing purposes
  • Help prevent further infection
  • For treatment of minor cuts and abrasions
  • For stings and insect bite


  • Brand: Savlon 
  • Item Form: Liquid 
  • Item Volume: 750 Milliliters 
  • Material Type: Free Alcohol 
  • Number of Items: 1

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