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Qik Dri Hand Paper Towels Unembossed White Pack of 12

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Qik Dri Safari white hand paper towels are our latest most innovative, extra strong and disposable hand paper towels. Our new technology ensures the pattern applied to the tissues makes them super strong and extra absorbent. They are made from 100% pure quality virgin pulp making them 100% biodegradable and disposable. The sheets are fully embossed for extra absorption. Our new single sheet technology also ensures that only one sheet comes out at a time, therefore reducing wastage. 

  • A more cost effective hygienic & disposable hand drying solution compared to cloth towels or hand dryers.
  • The embossing pattern applied to the hand towels makes them super strong & extra absorbent 
  • Available in 100% virgin pulp, quality blended & recycled pulp


  • Brand: Qik Dri
  • 1 ply premium multi-fold paper towel
  • Made from 100% pure virgin pulp
  • Pack count: approx. 120 sheets
  • Single sheet release technology ensuring you pull out one sheet at a time 
  • Multipurpose paper towels



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