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Gain access to the largest digital mall in Tanzania and make the hassle of shopping a bygone of the past. Now, the world of shopping is at the reach of your fingertips. NidaDanish is a n e-commerce website that allows you to shop a sizable range of products, including appliances, cookware, cleaning supplieselectronics, pet food, grocery, hardware tools and much more. The website has a huge selection of products and also provides delivery service to its customers around Tanzania.

It’s time to upgrade your shopping experience

Say goodbye to store-hopping and enjoy a modern approach to shopping. Shopping online is much more convenient and offers you the invaluable benefit of saving your time. Get what you want without all the hassle; it is an easy to use and straight-forward process. Browse thousands of products and have the privilege to choose from multiple options and make the right purchase that maximizes your savings - all from the comfort of your home. Shop from anywhere anytime on any device

Shop direct from distributor and manufacturer

NidaDanish only features products from authorized distributors or manufacturers in TZ. That means everything you see on the website is sold direct from the authorized distributor or manufacturer. This allows you to save money as NidaDanish cuts out the various markups in the supply chain which would normally be passed from manufacturer to distributor to retailer.

Wide variety of products and numerous choices

You can explore various categories such as laptops, speakers, kitchen tools, household suppliesbaby care and 300+ categories. The site has a huge collection of items to choose from and you’ll never run out of options when shopping here! Filter products to suit your requirements and take your time to browse all options and be confident with your purchase.

Best prices

If you’re looking for the best prices, look no further than NidaDanish. Since you are buying direct from the source, you save more. As an added benefit, the nature of shopping online involves having fixed prices so you don't have to waste time and effort haggling over unreasonable prices like you would in-store. Avoid being price-gouged and enjoy fair prices at the best value. In addition to that, you get easier and faster access to promotions and deals.

Many brands to choose from

NidaDanish is an online store that offers you a large assortment of authentic branded products. Shop the brands you know and love such as Kenwood, Hisense, Samsung, Cello and much more. The website gives you access to over 300+ world-renowned brands in various categories such as computer accessories, smart home gadgets, personal care and more.

Quick delivery throughout Tanzania

The best part about shopping online in Tanzania is that you can have your order delivered all over the country! You will not be disappointed with the quick delivery service, which includes Dar es Salaam and all regions. The delivery time for orders within Dar es Salaam don't exceed 12-24 working hours from placing the order. For orders addressed to other regions of Tanzania, it usually takes 2-3 days to arrive in your region. Upon delivery, you can collect your order from the respective transporter.

Pay however you like

The store features multiple payment methods to accommodate what is convenient to you. Pay with cash in Dar es Salaam (T&Cs Apply), or pay with mobile money or credit cards. You choose!

Save time so you can focus on more important things

We understand that time is one of the most important things in life. Shop online so you can save time and allocate it towards more important things like spending quality time with your family or working on your career or winding down from a stressful day. Never make shopping a dreaded chore again.


With the best prices, convenience, options among other benefits, There's no reason you shouldn't give shopping online a shot. Next time you think of shopping, shop online, and shop at NidaDanish!


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