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Tanzanian consumers are embracing the convenience and benefits of online shopping. One of the leading players in the Tanzanian online retail landscape is, a trusted online marketplace that has captured the attention of Tanzanian consumers. With its extensive range of products, competitive pricing, quick delivery, convenience, and customer-centric approach, has become the go-to destination for seamless online shopping in Tanzania. began with a clear aim and vision: to allow customers to choose from a large selection of products and give visibility to sellers’ products and brands which can go largely unnoticed and can be difficult to procure in the market.

Online shopping VS Physical store

Shopping in physical stores can be time-consuming, with limited product variety and higher prices compared to online shopping. Sometimes, customers may be gouged or waste a lot of time haggling with sellers. The operating hours of physical stores are limited, and the lack of detailed information can make it more challenging to make informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, physical stores may not be easily accessible to everyone, especially to those living in remote areas.

On the other hand, online shopping provides a vast product variety, allowing customers to find specialized items that may not be available in local stores. With the fixed pricing model, shopping online is a straight-forward process so there is no need to haggle. Additionally, online shopping offers convenience and time savings, as customers can shop from the comfort of their homes and avoid the hassle of traveling. Online shopping also allows for easy price comparison, and the ability to shop at any time, regardless of store operating hours.

Large variety

One of the key selling points of shopping online at is the large product variety available at the click of a button. boasts an extensive selection of over 30,000 products across more than 300 categories with more products being added daily. Whether customers are looking for large appliances, small appliances,electronics, phones, laptops, personal care, cookware, groceries, or pet care products like cat food and dog food, provides a comprehensive range of options to cater to diverse needs. To add to that, it also features a multitude of locally coveted brands such as Hisense, Kenwood, Nikai, Tefal, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Xiaomi and upto 300 more brands.

Goods direct from distributor/manufacturer to consumer

One of the key advantages of shopping on is the assurance that goods come directly from distributors and manufacturers to the end consumer. acts as a platform for distributors and manufacturers, allowing them to sell goods directly to consumers, eliminating unnecessary markups and ensuring the best prices for customers. This direct-to-consumer model ensures that customers receive authentic, high-quality products while maintaining competitive pricing.

Convenience and ease of use is designed to provide convenience and ease of use to its customers so that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise can shop online. The user-friendly website makes online shopping a seamless experience. With well-organized categories, intuitive search, filters and detailed product descriptions with high resolution product images and videos, customers can quickly find their desired items and make informed decisions. also offers a mobile app available on both iOS and Play Store. The app allows customers to shop conveniently on the go. With just a few taps on their smartphones, customers can browse and place orders with ease. In regard to payment methods, Customers can choose from options such as cash on delivery in Dar es Salaam, mobile payment, bank transfer, or credit card payment.

Quick Delivery is committed to providing prompt delivery service. With a robust logistics network, the company ensures quick and efficient product delivery in Dar es Salaam and across Tanzania. Customers in Dar es Salaam can expect their purchases to arrive in a 8-12 working hours and 2-3 days for customers in all other regions.

Testimonials from existing satisfied customers

Customers who have experienced the convenience and reliability of have expressed their satisfaction with the platform. Sridhar Cherukuri, a loyal customer, shares, "Ordered thrice, Always on time and quality is good too." Another customer going by the username Esther Kiula says “Customer care and delivery of goods is at higher level”


It won’t be long before the shopping revolution is in full swing in Tanzania as consumers are beginning to understand the advantages of shopping online. With its wide range of products, competitive pricing, convenience, quick delivery and customer-centric approach, makes a strong case as an online marketplace that offers a lot of value to the customer.


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